Before and After Pictures

We purchased Wailua Bay View Unit 312 after renting it many times since our first visit in 2003.   When we purchased it in July 2014, it looked about the same as when we first saw it over 10 years earlier.  We were excited to give it the facelift we felt it needed. 


Kauai is a small island and it does not have vast landfill space.  We tried hard to minimize the amount of refuse that needed to be removed.  We found new homes for all appliances, furniture and other household items that we replaced.  We were able to reuse the existing cabinets by painting them and installing new handles and hinges. 


Below are Before and After pictures so you can see the dramatic changes.   Click on the pictures below and arrows should appear with captions.  Click the arrows to page through the pictures.


** Reservations for WBV 306 and 312 are currently halted due the coronavirus pandemic.  During this time, guests with an existing reservation for a future stay may cancel or reschedule their reservation  and receive a full refund at any point in time even if cancelled on the arrival date. **


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320 Papaloa Road Unit 306, 312
Kapa'a, HI 96746
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