Beach House

5022 Lawai Rd, Koloa, HI 96756

(808) 742-1424


This is one of handful of fine dining restaurants on Kauai.  This was once our favorite restaurant on Kauai.  The view from the dining room is breathtaking. However, their dishes have become unremarkable and still very expensive.  If you go, make early reservations (around 5:30 pm) to get a table to see the ocean and sunset.  It’s fun to watch the surfers while eating dinner. 


** Reservations for WBV 306 and 312 are currently halted due the coronavirus pandemic.  During this time, guests with an existing reservation for a future stay may cancel or reschedule their reservation  and receive a full refund at any point in time even if cancelled on the arrival date. **


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WBV 306:

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320 Papaloa Road Unit 306, 312
Kapa'a, HI 96746
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